UX Design and Research for Healthcare Startups

Hey there, I’m Marta! As a researcher as well as a UX designer, I’m able to turn research findings into an actionable design and product opportunities — striking the perfect balance between your business goals and user needs to help you:

  • Acquire more customers
  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce financial risk of launching new product or feature
  • Create effective product strategies
  • Quickly break down complex problems healthcare companies face to create usable and intuitive interfaces
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Why Panacea Digital

Passionately Committed to the Greater Cause

I’m dedicated to digital health and positively impacting people’s lives through effective healthcare UX design.

Designer & Researcher in One Fabulous Package

I’m in a unique position to help healthcare companies turn research findings into useful and actionable design & product opportunities.

Empathy as a Superpower

I’m an active listener and a keen observer; I have a unique ability to empathize with the client as well as the user and solve problems in a way that benefits both.

Healthcare UX Design Blueprint

What sets apart apps with highly-engaged and loyal user base from those that see users signing up once and never returning?

It’s not the latest UI trends, shiny animations or even smart onboarding tactics.

It’s the process they went through to discover, understand and fulfil user needs.

Download the ‘Healthcare UX Design Blueprint‘ to learn 21 proven methods for designing digital health apps that get the 5-star user reviews.

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Companies I worked with

“Marta delivered a creative and thoughtful solution, planned and conducted a massive user testing with 28 participants from different countries. Marta’s skills and abilities, combined with a positive attitude were of a tremendous benefit to our success and ensured that design process on the project addressed the needs of the business and its customers.”

Tatsiana Khiliutka

Director of Experience Design

Epam Systems

Thinking of ways to improve your user engagement?

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It’s super easy, just send me a link to your healthcare app or website, alongside with a few paragraphs about your business goals and challenges. I’ll have a look at your app and email you back my thoughts on what UX improvements you could make to increase user acquisition, engagement and satisfaction.