Medication Tracking App – Concept Prototype

Few days ago I came back from my Christmas break in Poland and decided to ease myself back into ‘work mode’ with something fun (and leave other business and admin tasks for a bit later ;).

So I’m starting the 2020 with a simple concept prototype of a medication tracking app.

For the last few days I worked on this user flow of tracking medication and symptoms, and sharing a report with a doctor.

Have a look a the click-through video here:

Try the prototype yourself here:

Open prototype in a new tab >

Here’s more detailed look at the main screens:

This kind of prototypes is what I call ‘proof of concept’ prototype. They present a linear, simplified version of a main user journey. They can be created relatively quickly without a single line of code (they are made entirely in design / prototyping software).

They are very useful in the early stages of product development process. Proof of concept prototypes, like this medication tracking app, have two benefits for product founders:

Showcase idea to partners and investors

Seeing is believing – having something visual and tangible makes it much easier to get people on board with your idea and explain how your product will work.

Test ideas with users

Product founders can use them to get the initial user / customer feedback e.g. by uploading a click-through video to a survey or using the clickable version during user interviews. Getting early feedback allows you to adjust the scope or direction before moving on the development phase.

Need a proof of concept prototype for your health app?

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