5 Principles for Creating Health Apps Users Love

This video was originally recorded as a talk for European Digital Week 2020.

In this 15-min talk I’m presenting 5 guiding principles for creating digital health apps users love and engage with:

  • Transparency
  • Autonomy
  • Relevance
  • Simplicity
  • Value exchange

62% of mHealth app publishers report digital solutions with less than 1,000 monthly active users. (1)

Why is that the case if we know that there is clearly a need for digital health solutions (and Covid-19 proved that more than ever)?

The thing is, even the most effective digital health interventions won’t make any difference if people aren’t using them. If the product fails to engage and gain users’ trust, not only it won’t provide the health benefits users expect, it will also decrease the return on investment mhealth app creators expect.

The 5 principles described in this talk are based on my independent user testing of 20 health and wellbeing apps. Following those principles will help you create a product that is intuitive, engaging and meets the needs and expectations of a digital health consumer.

If you’re interesting in digging into this topic further, the ‘User Experience for Digital Health‘ report includes the 70 research-based guidelines for creating user-friendly health apps.