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I’m Marta Denkiewicz and I’m a UX designer and user researcher and previously to launching Panacea Digital I’ve been designing digital experiences and researching user needs for global and UK-based brands like Sage, MasterCard and The Co-operative Group.

In 2017 I decided to quit my last full-time job and set up as an independent designer.

I had the freedom to choose who I wanted to work with. And I chose to focus on working with healthcare startups.

I chose healthcare as a focus area because I wanted to know that the products I work on have a real, meaningful and positive impact on the lives of their users.

And also to work on products I can relate to myself – I probably tried every single fitness and meditation app out there 😉

I use a mix of design and research methods to help you:

→ test product concepts
→ showcase your idea to potential investors and partners
→ turn your vision into tangible product MVP
→ improve UX and increase user engagement and satisfaction


Are you a digital health entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people live happier, better lives?

Do you care deeply about the user experience and value solid, insight-driven expertise over surface-level fixes?

Sounds like you? Then we’re a great match!

At the same time, I want to promise you this – you can expect the same level of commitment and dedication from me. I want to work closely with you to understand your users and figure out your business challenges to come up with solutions that will help you achieve both your business goals and your mission of helping people live healthier lives.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:

Discussing user testing findings with the Co-op team.


I believe strongly in the importance of digital health care and I’m dedicated to creating meaningful user experiences that impact the quality of people’s lives.


I believe the best outcome is achieved when the process is collaborative, there’s no “shiny result” at the end that will truly benefit your business if you are not included in the process. You know your business and you have a vision, I know about creating great digital experiences – the best result can be achieved if we work together, value each others expertise and trust in the process.


Through my experience as a user researcher I understood that listening and asking the right questions truly are superpowers. I now apply the same emphatic approach to my consulting work and strive to fully understand both the user and the client I work with, to create meaningful solutions that benefit both.


I believe in following a proven design process and getting to the bottom of the problem over promising quick fixes. But I also believe that projects (and designers) come in all shapes and forms, and if I think I’m not the best person for the job, I’ll be happy to suggest another path instead of promising something I can’t deliver.

My team during the NHS Hackathon 2017.


I started working as a User Experience Designer in 2013, when I joined Sage to help them design their first cloud SaaS application for accountants.

From there I moved on to Epam Systems, global software design and engineering consultancy, through which I completed UX design projects for companies around the world, including MasterCard (US), Swegon (Sweden), Danfoss (Denmark) and Julius Baer (Switzerland).

In 2017 I started collaborating with The Co-op as an independent User Researcher. While I was working with the Co-op, I also founded Panacea Digital to focus on working with healthcare startups and started conducting independent user testing of digital health apps.

For full resume visit my LinkedIn profile (let’s connect while you’re there):
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Below are selected projects from my personal portfolio.



The Co-op wanted to launch new digital service in prescription management area. They needed to understand user needs and validate UX strategy before dedicating large amount of resources to development phase.

What I did

  • User interviews
  • Prototype testing
  • Recommendations for UX strategy and requirements


  • Validated, insight-driven UX strategy
  • Reduced financial risk of launching new products, and confidence in their product-market fit
  • Competitive advantage through UX design that solves user pain points


Sage was launching their first cloud SaaS product for accountants. They wanted to create competitive advantage by streamlining one of the most problematic steps in accountants workflow.

What I did

  • ‘Gamification’ workshop
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • Interaction design


  • Competitive advantage through creating streamlined solution for a complex workflow
  • Validated and tested interaction design solution
  • Differentiating approach instead of out-of-the-box UI design


One of MasterCards’s B2B web apps was causing high volume of customer support queries. The app’s UI was complex and didn’t reflect users’ mental model, therefore they weren’t able to complete the tasks on their own. MasterCard wanted to prototype and test new approach to the UI to validate the investment required in re-engineering the application.

What I did

  • User interviews
  • UX strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Prototyping


  • New approach to the UI that reflects users’ workflow and their understanding of the domain
  • UI approach that enables more users to self-serve, reducing the need for customer support
  • Tested and validated UI approach and the confidence that the engineering investment would generate substantial ROI

Marta’s insight enabled me to make changes that make a real difference to how people perceive the product.

Marta’s insights and knowledge have enabled me to make informed product decisions quickly, always keeping the user in focus, and to make changes that make a real difference to how people use, and perceive, the product.

Derek Harvie
Product Manager for Pharmacy, The Co-op Group


Marta’s skills ensured that design process on the project addressed the needs of the business and its customers.

Marta delivered a creative and thoughtful solution, planned and conducted a massive user testing with 28 participants from different countries. Marta’s skills and abilities, combined with a positive attitude were of a tremendous benefit to our success and ensured that design process on the project addressed the needs of the business and its customers.

Tatsiana Khiliutka
Experience Design Director, Epam Systems (Danfoss project)


Marta’s ability to develop insight useful for product teams has been used as an example of best practice.

Marta’s ability to synthesise findings and develop insight useful for the design and product teams has been used as an example of best practice.

Marta has been a well respected, trusted and popular member of each team she has worked with.

James Boardwell
Head of User Research, The Co-op Group

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