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I’m Marta Denkiewicz and I’m a designer, researcher and founder of Panacea Digital.

In this day and age, the patients and healthy living aficionados become more empowered through digital tools. I believe that now it is more important than ever to make sure that the digital solutions we put in their hands provide the best user experience and fulfil their needs.

As a researcher as well as a UX designer, I’m able to turn research findings into an actionable design and product opportunities — striking the perfect balance between your business goals and user needs to help you:

  • Acquire more customers
  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction
  • Test concepts before launching to reduce financial risk
  • Create effective product strategies
  • Quickly break down complex problems healthcare companies face to create usable and intuitive interfaces

Working with me

If you’ve got this far on my website and you like what you’re reading, chances are that you are a digital health entrepreneur, dedicated to helping people live happier, better lives, you care deeply about the user experience and value solid, insight-driven expertise over surface-level fixes. Sounds like you? Then we’re a great match!

At the same time, I want to promise you this – you can expect the same level of commitment and dedication from me. I’m not your average freelance designer, I want to work closely with you to understand your users and figure out your business challenges to come up with solutions that will help you achieve both your business goals and your mission of helping people live healthier lives.

Here’s what you can expect when working with me:


I believe strongly in the importance of digital health care and I’m dedicated to creating meaningful user experiences that impact the quality of people’s lives.


I believe the best outcome is achieved when the process is collaborative, there’s no “shiny result” at the end that will truly benefit your business if you are not included in the process. You know your business and you have a vision, I know about creating great digital experiences – the best result can be achieved if we work together, value each others expertise and trust in the process.


Through my experience as a user researcher I understood that listening and asking the right questions truly are superpowers. I now apply the same emphatic approach to my consulting work and strive to fully understand both the user and the client I work with, to create meaningful solutions that benefit both.


I believe in following a proven design process and getting to the bottom of the problem over promising quick fixes. But I also believe that projects (and designers) come in all shapes and forms, and if I think I’m not the best person for the job, I’ll be happy to suggest another path instead of promising something I can’t deliver.

Design journey so far

My design journey started in 2008. I was then a first-year student at Culture Studies at the University of Warsaw and I was working part-time at my dad’s events agency. I’ve always been drawn to creative endeavours so I decided to try my skills at designing flyers and email newsletters for the events we were organising through the agency. The first attempts were far from successful but I quickly realised that I wanted to pursue a career in design.

Since then I went a long way to develop my design and research expertise and here are just some of the milestones:


  • Finished Culture Studies where I developed empathy and learned the principles behind ethnographic research methods
  • Studied New Media Art where I developed my artistic and visual design skills
  • Moved to the UK and graduated from Design Futures where I’ve developed practical skills in a human-centred design process
  • Attended numerous design conferences and online courses, including ‘E-health: opportunities and challenges’ by Karolinska Institute and ‘m-health app development’ by the Health eResearch Centre in Manchester

How I already helped others

  • Helped Sage research, design and launch their first cloud application for accountants
  • Researched and designed digital experiences for numerous companies in Europe and United States, including MasterCard, through my work in a UK based design consultancy
  • Helped The Co-op understand their users and explore new opportunities within the healthcare sector

Miscellaneous facts about me


I came to the UK in 2012 for 4-months student exchange and ended up staying permanently. I now live with my partner in beautiful Salford Quays in Manchester.


When I’m not designing, I enjoy taking photos, reading fantasy books and doing arts and crafts projects.


Throughout my life, I had 2 hamsters, 1 guinea pig and 3 German Shepards.


My favourite place is Kotor’s Bay in Montenegro.

“Marta delivered a creative and thoughtful solution, planned and conducted a massive user testing with 28 participants from different countries. Marta’s skills and abilities, combined with a positive attitude were of a tremendous benefit to our success and ensured that design process on the project addressed the needs of the business and its customers.”

Tatsiana Khiliutka

Director of Experience Design

Epam Systems

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