User Acquisition and Onboarding Blueprint

In this service, I’ll conduct user testing of the end-to-end journey of your health app (from finding out about your product to trying it for the first time) to identify friction points that stop people from becoming loyal and engaged users.

Why test your acquisition and onboarding journey?

Testing an end-to-end user journey helps you combat some of the common difficulties that affect adoption rate of your product:

  • From business perspective, acquisition and onboarding are often considered separate steps in the product funnel, both tracked and optimised separately. This creates a disconnect in the messaging and lack of consistency in user-facing touchpoints.
  • Relying solely on analytics and A/B testing to optimise your funnel only tells you half of the story. Quantitative insight only tells you what is happening in your funnel, but it doesn’t tell you why.
  • Having an inside-out perspective on your own product makes it difficult to see it from the user’s point of view which is necessary to create compelling acquisition and onboarding strategy.

Qualitative user testing of your product funnel helps you increase acquisition and retention rates by identifying and removing friction points along the journey.

How it works

  1. We’ll schedule a kick-off call where I will learn more about your product strategy and user base. We’ll also talk through your current acquisition journey and analytics insight if available.
  2. I’ll create testing plan and review it with you. Once approved, I’ll recruit participants and begin testing and analysing findings. Participants are recruited through online user testing platform and will match your target audience. This includes 8-10 moderated testing sessions, up to 30 min per session.
  3. You’ll receive all the deliverables within 2 weeks from the kick-off call and to close off the project, we’ll schedule a Q+A session to discuss the findings and answer remaining questions.

Your investment

Standard package is currently available at £2250 and includes:

  • session recordings
  • user journey map
  • user testing findings report with written recommendations for improvements
  • priorities matrix of all recommendations to help with implementing changes

Premium package is available at £2950 and includes all of the above + detailed wireframes to illustrate recommended changes.

Next steps

If you think you could benefit from identifying and removing friction points in your user journey, email me at to get started. From there, I will answer all your remaining questions and we’ll put a time on the calendar for the initial non-obligatory consultation.