Usability of Mood Tracking Apps

This report presents 14 actionable design recommendations for mood tracking apps, based on 15 user testing sessions of 3 mood tracking apps – Daylio, What’s Up and Stop, Breathe and Think.

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Independent usability evaluation of three mood tracking apps – Daylio, What’s Up and Stop, Breathe and Think.

The evaluation contains findings from user testing, where participants were given three tasks to complete: (1) making a mood journal entry, (2) analysing the mood progress over time and (3) using the app to improve one’s mental health and wellbeing.

Based on the findings, the report proposes a set of guidelines for designing mood tracking apps and mental health journals.

Who should read this report

  • startup founders, product managers and designer responsible for designing mental health apps
  • innovators looking to launch new digital health products in mental health space


  • Learn 14 actionable design recommendations for improving the UX of your mental health app, based on user testing findings

What’s included

  • 45 pages PDF report

Table of contents

  • About the study
    • Overview
    • Tested apps
    • Tasks
  • Summary findings
    • Success rate
    • Time on task
    • User satisfaction score
  • 14 UX/UI design guidelines for designing user-friendly mood tracking apps

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Marta Denkiewicz

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Research method

Unmoderated user testing

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