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UX guidelines and recommendations based on my independent user testing of health and wellbeing apps.

5 Principles for Creating Health Apps Users Love

This video was originally recorded as a talk for European Digital Week 2020. In this 15-min talk I’m presenting 5 guiding principles for creating digital health apps users love and engage with: Transparency Autonomy Relevance Simplicity Value exchange 62% of mHealth app publishers report digital solutions with less than 1,000 monthly active users. (1) Why…

4 Recommendations for Meditation and Mindfulness Apps

If you search for the term ‘guided meditation’ on YouTube, you’ll receive an endless list of results? So what’s the added value of paid meditation and mindfulness apps? The truth is that the immediate availability of content is both good and bad. One of the most common pain points with searching for health and wellbeing…

4 Ways Mental Health Apps Can Provide Value with Data

Most health and wellbeing apps provide some kind of data tracking functionality. One way of providing an added value to the user is to present that data back to them in a meaningful and insightful way. Based on my user testing of health and wellbeing apps, following those 4 UX guidelines will help you make…

5 UX Recommendations for Food and Nutrition Apps

Food tracking apps are one of the most commonly used health and wellbeing apps. As I learnt from interviewing health app users, people typically track food to: stay within the recommended calorie limit when aiming to lose or gain weight consume recommended amounts of macronutrients, especially when following specific diet e.g. ketogenic or vegetarian Unfortunately,…

UX Design Guidelines for Chat Bots in Health Apps

Two of the apps I tested as part of my ongoing user testing of health and wellbeing apps used a chat bot functionality. Here I’m presenting 4 UX guidelines for user-friendly chat bots in digital health apps.

Digital Health Users – What’s on Their Phones?

These digital health user profiles were created based on my monthly mini user interviews. Research participants were asked to give me a ‘virtual tour’ of their phones and tell me about any apps they use to manage their health and wellness. If you’re a health app founder you can use them to better understand user…

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User Experience for Digital Health Apps

This report presents user-experience guidelines and strategic considerations for designing mobile health and wellbeing apps. The recommended guidelines are not based on the author’s personal opinions, but the outcome of user research conducted on 20 health and wellbeing apps. In total, 100 remote unmoderated user testing sessions were conducted and analysed to understand what UX design patterns are preferred by digital health app users.

What’s in the report

  • 70 actionable, research-based guidelines to create digital health apps users want to use
  • 203 examples of those guidelines in practice, with annotated screenshots and quotes from user testing sessions
  • Self-scoring tool – an interactive checklist to help you evaluate your app against the guidelines
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