mHealth User Profiles

Each month I ask 3 mhealth users to give me a ‘virtual tour’ of their phone and tell me about any apps they use to manage health and wellness. Below are real user profiles of mhealth app users. You can use them to better understand user needs and to jump-start your user personas.

Health Apps User Testing

Strengths and weaknesses of some of the tested apps, based on my user testing sessions.

UX Guidelines

UX design guidelines for digital health apps based on my independent user testing sessions.

Premium Research Reports

Get the full insight from my user testing sessions with premium research reports.

User Experience for Digital Health Apps

The report will present UX design guidelines for creating useful and usable digital health apps. The guidelines are based on the findings from independent user testing of 20 health and wellness apps. In total, 100 remote unmoderated user testing sessions were conducted and analysed to understand what UX design patterns create superior user experience.


The guidelines will cover the following common health app functionalities:

  • Onboarding
  • Goal setting
  • Health tracking
  • Displaying health data
  • Content and health education
  • Trust and credibility
  • Providing recommendations
  • Health communities
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