Health App Design Blueprint

What sets apart apps with highly-engaged and loyal user base from those that see users signing up once and never returning?

It’s not the latest UI trends, shiny animations or even smart onboarding tactics.

It’s the process they went through to discover, understand and fulfil user needs.

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Usability Checklist for Digital Health Apps

Did you know…

  • According to, engaging and quality design is a second most important factor that would convince people to use health apps more frequently
  • In a survey conducted by IBM, 95% of respondents said that ‘ease of use’ is the main reason for choosing one digital health solution over another.
  • Both the NHS and FDA include usability and human factors requirements in the approval process for healthcare applications

Our PDF usability checklist includes jargon-free explanation of 10 essential usability heuristics to help you assess whether your app meets required usability standards.

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