I work with healthcare startups to help them answer three critical questions:

  • What to build?
  • How to build it?
  • How to improve what’s already built?

Marta’s insight enabled me to make changes that make a real difference to how people perceive the product.

“Marta’s insights and knowledge have enabled me to make informed product decisions quickly, always keeping the user in focus, and to make changes that make a real difference to how people use, and perceive, the product.”

Derek Harvie | Product Manager for Pharmacy, The Co-op Group


You have an idea for a healthcare startup but you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction before spending time and money on developing the solution.

I can help you understand your users, make sure you’re solving the right problem and refine your value proposition.


  • Value proposition worksheets
  • Landing page mock-up
  • Low-fidelity prototype


  • User interviews focused on validating value proposition (with landing page mockup / prototype used as a visual prompt).


You have a clear vision and the confidence that it solves the right problem. Now you have to turn that vision into tangible product requirements – where do you start?

I can help you get from the idea to detailed design specification you can hand in to your developer.


  • UX strategy worksheets
  • Requirements, IA and user flows
  • High-fidelity prototype
  • Annotated wireframes


  • Prototype testing focused on UX and usability


You’ve launched your app and you’re getting traction. In order to get where you are, you had to make choices and leave some things for later. Perhaps UX design and user testing didn’t get as much attention as they should have? That’s totally fine – now it’s the time to step back and give it a proper thought.


  • UX expert review
  • Redesign


  • User testing focused on UX and usability

One thing that particularly stands out when working with Marta is her level of commitment for understanding.

„Marta is a solid designer with great ability in the full interaction design lifecycle. One thing that particularly stands out when working with Marta is her level of commitment for understanding, applying knowledge and just getting stuff done. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Haydyn Phillips | Senior UX Specialist, formerly Sage UK


I practice lean UX and believe in researching little and often, and quick prototype-and-test cycles.

Whether you’re a bootstrapped DIY startup or have external funding – there are UX design and research methods to fit your budget and requirements.

That’s why I provide my expertise at different levels of engagement and in fixed-price, low-risk packages.


If you just need a little bit of hand-holding or a professional perspective on your product strategy or design, I offer 60-min Skype consultations.

Perfect for:

  • Getting advice on the next steps if you’re a bit stuck with your product development
  • Getting quick feedback on your research plans and roadmaps
  • Getting quick feedback on specific areas of your product design
  • Tips to resolve known usability issues

Currently available at £185 / 1hr call.

Custom Roadmaps and Research Plans

In this service you’ll receive a custom roadmap based on your specific product and audience, and the step-by-step instructions to design and research methods that will help you validate and define your product requirements.

Product Validation Roadmap

Helps you answer ‘What to build?’ question and includes:

  • Value proposition map
  • Step-by-step blueprint for validating your product idea
  • Interview script for customer validation interviews
  • Where and how to recruit interview participants
  • (Premium) Setting up your landing page
  • (Premium) Building your first low-fidelity prototype
  • (Premium) Training to enable you to iterate on your landing page and low-fidelity prototype

Product Definition Roadmap

Helps you answer ‘How to build it?‘ question and includes:

  • Proto-personas and user scenarios
  • List of UX requirements for your product
  • Information architecture map
  • User flow
  • Interview / user testing script to verify personas and validate UX design
  • Where and how to recruit participants for user testing

At the end of the roadmapping engagement you’ll have a complete document you can use to implement the strategy yourself, get accurate quotes from different providers or you can move forward and hire me as your product designer and researcher.

Done-For-You Product Design and Research

If you decide to move forward and hire me as your product designer and/or researcher, you’ll receive a custom quote based on your requirements.

Typical design deliverables include:

  • High-fidelity interactive prototypes
  • Annotated wireframes

Research services include:

  • Research planning
  • Facilitating and analysing user interviews and user testing sessions
  • Research findings reports
  • Other research deliverables e.g. personas, user journey maps

UX Reviews

In the UX Review I’ll examine your product against UX design best practice and usability heuristics. You’ll receive actionable recommendations for quick-fixes, improvements that will need a bigger redesign and priority areas for user testing.

The guidelines were combined specifically for digital health apps and cover areas such as:

  • Sign up and on-boarding
  • Home screen
  • Navigation and layout
  • Tracking (entering) health data
  • Health dashboards
  • Browsing and interacting with multimedia content
  • Health education
  • Applying psychological principles and designing for engagement

Marta’s ability to develop insight useful for product teams has been used as an example of best practice.

The standard and quality of Marta’s user research work has been outstanding. In particular, Marta’s ability to synthesise findings and develop insight useful for the design and product teams has been used as an example of best practice.”

James Boardwell | Head of User Research, The Co-op Group


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