Build digital health products people will want, love and use

I’m a UX consultant specialised in digital health.

My mission is to help people live healthier, happier lives through useful and usable digital health products.

But even the most effective digital health interventions won’t make any difference is people don’t engage with them.

That’s why I share insight from my independent user testing of health and wellbeing apps and work with healthcare startups to help them create health apps users want, love and use.

∼ Marta Denkiewicz

Work with me

Independent health app research

100 user testing sessions

20 health and wellbeing apps tested

21 interviews with health app users

UX insight for health app founders

As a UX designer and a user researcher, I’m committed to insight-driven design and continually testing assumptions. That’s why I conduct independent user testing of health and wellbeing apps.

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UX Reviews

Independent UX reviews based on proprietary UX checklist for health apps.

User Experience for Digital Health Apps

This report presents user-experience guidelines and strategic considerations for designing mobile health and wellbeing apps. The recommended guidelines are not based on the author’s personal opinions, but the outcome of user research conducted on 20 health and wellbeing apps. In total, 100 remote unmoderated user testing sessions were conducted and analysed to understand what UX design patterns are preferred by digital health app users.

What’s in the report

  • 70 actionable, research-based guidelines to create digital health apps users want to use
  • 203 examples of those guidelines in practice, with annotated screenshots and quotes from user testing sessions
  • Self-scoring tool – an interactive checklist to help you evaluate your app against the guidelines
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