Helping healthcare startups understand their users and design digital products they'll want, use and love.


Hey there, I’m Marta! As a researcher as well as a UX designer, I’m able to turn research findings into an actionable design and product opportunities — striking the perfect balance between your business goals and user needs to help you:

  • Acquire more customers
  • Increase user engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce financial risk of launching new product or feature
  • Create effective product strategies
  • Quickly break down complex problems healthcare companies face to create usable and intuitive interfaces


Independent digital health research reports for competitive benchmarks, market insight and informed product strategy.

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Learn proven UX design methods that will help you understand your audience, build successful digital health products and earn loyal and engaged user base.

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Get done-for-you user testing, usability audits and prototyping services from an experienced designer and researcher dedicated to digital health.

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New digital service for prescription management

The Co-op Group, the largest British co-operative society, wanted to test new digital service idea in prescription management area. Through iterative prototyping and regular user testing, I helped The Co-op validate their concept, reduce the risk of launching a new product and create insight-driven product strategy.

Marta’s insights and knowledge have enabled me to make informed product decisions quickly, always keeping the user in focus, and to make changes that make a real difference to how people use, and perceive, the product.

Derek Harvie
Product Manager for Pharmacy, The Co-op Group

Marta’s ability to synthesise findings and develop insight useful for the design and product teams has been used as an example of best practice.

James Boardwell
Head of User Research, The Co-op Group


Health App Design Blueprint

What sets apart apps with highly-engaged and loyal user base from those that see users signing up once and never returning?

It’s not the latest UI trends, shiny animations or even smart onboarding tactics.

It’s the process they went through to discover, understand and fulfil user needs.

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‘7-min Workout’ User Testing Report

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Usability of Mood Tracking Apps

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How to Develop Healthcare Apps with Patient-Centred Approach

Health tech industry is booming and mobile healthcare apps are expected to empower more patients to take control of their health and wellness. So why with 320,000 health apps in app stores the patient adoption of mhealth solutions is still low? According to leading industry publications, mhealth app developers fail to address key user needs…

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Common UX / UI Mistakes Made in Fitness Apps

With the number of health and wellness apps constantly growing in app stores, intuitive and friction-less fitness app UI and UX design becomes a crucial competitive advantage. Users downloading a new app, instantly evaluate whether it meets their expectations, and when a clunky or cumbersome interface becomes an obstacle, they’re more likely to leave the…

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Improve Your Health App’s Acquisition and Retention Rates with User Journey Mapping

User acquisition and retention rates are arguably the most important product metrics to track and optimise. They represent the initial steps of the user journey and set the foundation for all other interactions between the user and the product. Getting those two steps right can set your digital health app for a long-term success. Read…

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