Helping healthcare startups understand their users and design digital products they'll want, use and love.


Hey there, I’m Marta! As a researcher as well as a UX designer, I’m able to turn research findings into an actionable design and product opportunities — striking the perfect balance between your business goals and user needs.

Using a mix of design and research methods I help healthcare startups:

→ test product concepts
→ showcase your idea to potential investors and partners
→ turn your vision into tangible product MVP
→ improve UX and increase user engagement and satisfaction

Test concepts and showcase your idea

You have an idea for a healthcare startup but you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction before spending time and money on developing the solution.

I can help you understand your users, make sure you’re solving the right problem and refine your value proposition.

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Build your product MVP

You have a clear vision and the confidence that it solves the right problem. Now you have to turn that vision into tangible product requirements – where do you start?

I can help you get from the idea to detailed design specification you can hand in to your developer.

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Improve UX and grow your product

You’ve launched your app and you’re getting traction. In order to get where you are, you had to make choices and leave some things for later. Perhaps UX design and user testing didn’t get as much attention as they should have?

That’s totally fine – now it’s the time to step back and give it a proper thought.

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Learn UX design methods and best practice to create health apps that help people live happier and healthier lives.

My Product Design Process – Gratitude Journal App

In this post I present my design process for going from a product concept to a finished app design. I’ll be using a concept that was inspired by a quote from one of my user testing sessions of mood tracking apps. One of the test participants described to me how he is currently using a…

Behaviour Change Techniques in UX/UI Design

Couple of months ago I had an opportunity to chat to the Changing Health product team. I was impressed by their very informative and interesting whitepaper on the personalised application of behaviour change techniques (BCTs) in their diabetes management app. The whitepaper talked about the 12 effective techniques for behaviour change interventions. Inspired by what…

How to Develop Healthcare Apps with Patient-Centred Approach

Health tech industry is booming and mobile healthcare apps are expected to empower more patients to take control of their health and wellness. So why with 320,000 health apps in app stores the patient adoption of mhealth solutions is still low? According to leading industry publications, mhealth app developers fail to address key user needs…


As a UX designer and researcher dedicated to digital health I regularly conduct independent user testing of digital health apps. Read about research-based recommendations for digital health apps.

[Infographic] 6 UX Recommendations for Female Health Trackers

What’s next? Subscribe for monthly research updates from our ongoing user testing of female health apps. Interested in custom user testing for your health app? Get in touch on or through enquiry form and let’s chat about user testing and UX design projects for your health app.

Common UX / UI Mistakes Made in Fitness Apps

With the number of health and wellness apps constantly growing in app stores, intuitive and friction-less fitness app UI and UX design becomes a crucial competitive advantage. Users downloading a new app, instantly evaluate whether it meets their expectations, and when a clunky or cumbersome interface becomes an obstacle, they’re more likely to leave the…

5 Findings from User Testing of Mood Tracking Apps

As a UX designer and a user researcher, I’m committed to insight-driven design and continually testing assumptions. I’m also passionate about digital health and learning more about how people use technology to live better, healthier lives. This is why I have recently conducted an independent user testing of three mood tracking apps. As a result…


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As a UX designer and a user researcher, I’m committed to insight-driven design and continually testing assumptions. That’s why I conduct independent user testing of health and wellbeing apps. I share what I’ve learnt in my monthly newsletter.

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Health App Design Blueprint

What sets apart apps with highly-engaged and loyal user base from those that see users signing up once and never returning?

It’s not the latest UI trends, shiny animations or even smart onboarding tactics.

It’s the process they went through to discover, understand and fulfil user needs.

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Usability Checklist for Digital Health Apps

Did you know…

  • According to, engaging and quality design is a second most important factor that would convince people to use health apps more frequently
  • In a survey conducted by IBM, 95% of respondents said that ‘ease of use’ is the main reason for choosing one digital health solution over another.
  • Both the NHS and FDA include usability and human factors requirements in the approval process for healthcare applications

Our PDF usability checklist includes jargon-free explanation of 10 essential usability heuristics to help you assess whether your app meets required usability standards.

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