Create digital health products users will want, love and use

If you’re looking to launch a digital health product I can help you understand your users, make sure your concept meets their expectations and turn your idea into tangible product requirements.

Test concepts and showcase your idea

You have an idea for a healthcare startup but you want to make sure you’re heading in the right direction before spending time and money on developing the solution.

If an image is worth thousands words – then an interactive prototype of your idea is priceless.

Having a clickable prototype that your potential users, investors and partners can interact with helps you build successful startups in many ways:

  • get feedback from users before you put effort into development and start off with a better product
  • get potential investors and partners excited about your idea
  • show how the product should work to your development team for accurate estimates and easy project management

Prototyping and User Testing Sprint

In this service we’ll get together for a 2-weeks remote prototyping and user testing sprint.

Week 1

→ Remote Strategy Workshop
→ Interactive Prototype

Week 2

→ Remote Unmoderated User Testing
→ Findings and Recommendations

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Try the prototype yourself:


Build your product MVP

You have a clear vision and the confidence that it solves the right problem. Now you need to turn that vision into tangible product requirements.

Using proven design methods to turn insight and ideas into tangible product strategy is the most effective way to create successful digital product.

UX Strategy Workshop

In this service I’ll help you jump-start your product strategy through a remote UX workshop.

→ Use Cases
→ Empathy Maps
→ User Scenarios
→ UX Requirements (Features and Functionality)

UX/UI Design

In this service we’ll bring your product to live.

You’ll walk away with detailed design specification and the confidence that the UX of your product meets the expectations of your target audience.

→ Information Architecture
→ User Flows
→ Annotated Wireframes
→ Visual UI Design

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Improve UX and grow your product

You already have a prototype or even live product but you feel that the UX isn’t quite where your want it to be.

Perhaps you…

  • are DIY-ing your way to a health app startup and need feedback and guidance on your MVP or prototype
  • you’ve already launched your product and you’ve got the tech right, but didn’t have time or resources to put more thought into the UX and usability

UX Review

In this service I’ll review your product (this can be live product or a prototype) against UX guidelines for digital health apps.

The guidelines are compiled based on standard usability principles and my independent user testing of health apps.

→ UX Review
→ Actionable Recommendations for Improvements

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Let’s work together

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None of the services above sound like what you need? We can discuss custom UX design and user research engagement.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your project.