UX & Usability Review

Even the most effective digital health interventions won’t bring the desired results if people won’t use them on a regular basis.

Easily-avoidable usability mistakes can cost you low retention rates and high level of support enquiries. But what’s more important, a poor design might be preventing you from achieving the main purpose of your product – helping people live healthier, happier lives.

Quality and engaging design can make all the difference. As digital tools are penetrating each area of life, people became used to smooth and polished experiences of consumer products and expect the same level of quality when it comes to health products.

According to data from statista.com engaging and high-quality design is a second most important factor that would convince people to use health apps more frequently (after reliable information as the first but, surprisingly, more important than the security of data).

The experience people have with your product can determine whether they will stick with it or delete after just a few uses.

But how do you know how to deliver that delightful experience? How do you know what that actually looks like?

Well, you must know what users want and expect from your product. You must get into their shoes. But that’s easier said than done – because you are not the user. More often than not, founders and creators are too close to their own product to stay objective and unbiased.

That’s why my UX/UI Expert Review is based on the findings from 100 user testing sessions of health and wellbeing apps. Because I am also not the user. Instead, I compiled a 70-point checklist for digital health and wellbeing apps. Those 70 points encompass the findings from user testing of 20 health and wellbeing apps. Over 30 hours of video footage from user testing sessions were analysed to truly understand what UX design patterns deliver the right experience for the modern health consumer.

Objective, research-based guidance to level-up the UX of your app

In this service, I’ll review your product against those 70 guidelines and deliver a comprehensive PDF report including:

  • A UX score for your app in 5 categories (Onboarding and homepage, health tracking, data visualisation, content, support and education)
  • Constructive and actionable recommendations for how to level up the UX of your product
  • Best practice examples to illustrate the recommended changes

This is as close as you can get to actually user testing your own product, for a fraction of the cost of a custom research project.

Packages start at £750 – get in touch for more information



The package includes:

  • 1 PDF Executive Summary Report
    • UX score in 5 categories (Onboarding and homepage, health
      tracking, data visualisation, content, support and health
    • Annotated screenshots of your app to call out strengths and
    • List of actionable and constructive recommendations for
  • 1 XLS spreadsheet with full checklist used to score the app and detailed
    commentary for each checkpoint
  • A complimentary report ‘User Experience for Digital Health Apps’ with
    best practice examples
  • 1 week email follow-up period to answer any additional questions


The package includes everything from the Standard package and:

  • 1 PDF with wireframes (schematic screen designs) to illustrate recommended changes
  • 60 min Q+A call to answer any additional questions

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