Usability Review for mHealth Apps

Why usability review

Poor usability of health apps have been proven to affect the mhealth adoption amongst patients. App usability is also one of the requirements digital health products have to meet to be approved by governance bodies like the NHS or FDA.

Performing usability review of your health app will help you:

  • improve patient outcomes due to higher engagement with the app
  • increase patient adoption
  • meet the requirements set out by governance bodies

How it works

I will review your app against 200+ usability guidelines compiled specifically for health apps and covering the following functionality:

  • sign-up and onboarding flow
  • navigation and interactive elements
  • visual design and layout
  • notifications and reminders
  • tracking health data
  • displaying health data
  • browsing content (e.g. educational articles and videos, recipes or exercise to follow)
  • social features (engaging with communities)
  • gamification features (e.g. badges and leader boards)

The process

  1. We’ll schedule kick-off call to discuss your product and target audience
  2. I’ll carry out the review
  3. You’ll receive the report within 2 weeks from the kick-off call and we’ll schedule a Q+A session to answer all remaining questions

Next steps

Email me at to get started. From there, I will answer all your remaining questions and we’ll put a time on the calendar for the initial non-obligatory consultation.